Create a simple, clean UI/UX Frontend for sFRAX and sfrxETH

Dear Frax Community

Having spent significant time educating others video both video and written content I have created on the frax ecosystem, a common issue has recurrently occurred - Frax interfaces being a little too complicated and difficult to navigate. In my opinion the frax dApp front end is clustered, offers too much information & therefore not friendly for new users to the space.
Comparisons can be made with Spark protocol with sDAI, in the past Anchor Protocol with UST and Uniswap with their frontend for swaps which I think offer much better experiences for users.

I think we can improve this experience on frax and bring in new users to the ecosystem with the following proposal.


  • Increase the TVL of all Frax products with a focus on sFRAX and sfrxETH
  • Reduce the user friction to access sfrax and sfrxETH products
  • Improve the UI/UX of the frax frontend

Create 2 new frontends for Frax finance

  1. An sFRAX frontend. A simple, zero friction, minimal page that has almost a Uniswap/Anchor Protocol like feel to it that enables users to deposit any asset including other stables, ETH or alt coins. The front end could use fraxswap or an aggregator to take these assets and convert it to sFRAX. The page should also have an element showing a users balance which I would be going up in real time.
  2. An sfrxETH front end. Similar to above but takes any ETH / ETH derivative and will convert it to sfrxETH using a fraxswap / an aggregator (user will have to approve for this) and then again show them their balance in a new minimal interface.

This will require a frontend developer for Frax + a UI/UX designer to work together.
I am happy to help in the designing role to help give any input.

If approved, to have discussions with the frax team in further detail to make a plan on how to implement the above proposals.

Please comment below to promote discussion for further improvements to this proposal

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Maybe you could produce a simple mock frontend first? What would this look like?

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Just a mock and of course plenty of scope to improve but something like this would be nice and easy. Especially if you could deposit any liquid stable from ETH mainnet, Arbiturm, Optimism, Polygon etc.

I like it! And your X where you propose easier login and conversion of stables for buying sFRAX.

What gives me pause is gas fees on Ethereum mainnet. Kind of okay for sophisticated/large depositors but I think a big blocker for smaller amounts and users who aren’t so involved in the protocol. I think it really needs the option to mint Frax on a cheaper L2 (or perhaps a future Fraxchain?). And in this case simplify the interface by just doing it on one chosen chain.