FXS buyback and FRAX-FXS education

Hi All, I represent an Australian family office with over a 500mn AUM which has a meaningful investment in the general thesis of algorithmic stable coins and have positioned accordingly and we believe that FRAX-FXS has a very good chance to be a number 1/2 in the race with UST as the market leader.

The thing that is holding FRAX-FXS back is education and general interface of FRAX finance. Its just too hard and if its too hard for our analyst to figure it out then its hard for the general public. Sam’s interview go a mile at solving this issue as he is brilliant and informative but with high regards of respect for him, his conversations are very tech driven and doesn’t instill confidence in sophisticated investors. Frax Finance is a billion dollar unicorn and it needs to be managed like one and its our strongest conviction that it will be in the realms of $10-30b if it mitigates its growing pains.

We would like to propose Frax finance to engage a communications team (external) and have a clear defined strategy on how we make FRAX finance easy to understand and mind numbingly simpler! Its far from this goal as it stands especially its interface.

Secondly, We are seeing an influx of cash growing in the treasury of Frax Finance but we believe there are better use of this treasury than lending it across platforms. The winner in the space of crypto is driven by who drives the most aggressive strategy on network effects and organically, FXS is doing incredibly well but the lack of a clear buy back policy (driving investor demand) and higher levels of investment in ensuring the peg being held (decentralisation of its colateral) is holding us back from making a greater investment in FXS.

FRAX protocol buys back $ millions of FXS every month with its profits from its AMO’s

The funds being used to fund lending AMOs are not from an influx of cash. FRAX is minted in to the lending pool its then lent out, the people that borrow it put up collateral to back their loan (normally over -collateralized) and that is then used to back the FRAX they borrowed. The more people borrow , the more interest they pay and the more profit the FRAX protocol makes and the more FXS it buys back with that profit.

i understand the FRAX UI is not the simplest but as the team have said “its not built for grandma” . and there is already a proposal to build a second UI > Frax.Pro Website