Additional TOKE Accumulation

Last year we agreed to do a $1m token swap with the Tokemak liquidity provider protocol as part of the deal when starting a liquidity reactor on their platform.

Working with Tokemak has worked out really well so far and we have since agreed to add (up to) $100m in FRAX liquidity to their protocol and included the FXS stakers on Tokemk in the $FPIS airdrop.

The investment FRAX protocol made in TOKE (the $1m swap) is now sitting at a nice $1.75m

seen here > Zapper - Your Home to Web3

Toke protocol is a nice addition to the FRAX ecosystem, sucking in lots of FXS and FRAX and providing liquidity to the wider market.

I would like to propose that we reach out to TOKE again and offer another $1m token swap based on the same terms of the first swap.

If they agree to do an OTC token swap then we should use our TOKE to vote for our own FXS pool on their platform.

Doing this deal will increase our non-stable treasury assets and increase our footprint in other protocols.

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