Biswap & Frax Finance: Partnership Proposal

Frax Finance x Biswap: (Long-Term Initial Proposal)

Biswap Core Stats

  • 425K+ active users on DEX
  • $780mln+ TVL on the platform
  • $200mln+ average daily volume on DEX
  • Listed on Binance BSW token which is Top 240 on CoinMarketCap
  • Over 430K followers among all Biswap social media
  • 267K+ Twitter followers
  • Over 125K+ BSW holders
  • A growing ecosystem with leading projects such as Binance Labs, Binance NFT, BNB Chain, Binance, Faraland, Coin 98, AutoFarm, Rabbit Finance, etc.
  • High-security level with CertiK audit
  • Top DEXs Listed on CMC
  • Top 2 among DEXs on BNB Chain by volume according to
  • Top 1 Marketplace by volume & Top 2 by users on
  • The project is among the winners of Most Powerful Builder II by Binance Smart Chain and the Popularity Medal owners from BSC. Now, Binance Labs works on a strategic investment to further support Biswap: Binance Labs Announces Strategic Investment in Biswap | Binance Blog

Frax Finance x Biswap Steps Proposal

  1. Official FRAX listing on Biswap under FRAX-BUSD pair

While every token FRAX is traded on Biswap once a liquidity pool is created, users are met with a caution message of an imported token. With an official listing, FRAX-BUSD can be easily accessed through a token search. Over time FRAX will also be included in the Fee Return promotion, letting users gain up to 90% fee return in BSW.

  • For the FRAX official listing is required the start liquidity on Biswap - is $100 000 in FRAX and $100 000 in BUSD for the FRAX-BUSD pair.

  • This liquidity can be withdrawn in 1 month for your consideration when the users’ liquidity will be enough to make a swap with a low price impact.

  • Frax Finance users will have the opportunity to buy FRAX with the lowest platform fee of 0.1%

  • Adding Biswap on the Frax Integrations page

  1. Possible creation of Stake FRAX-BNB LP - Earn BSW Farm

Biswap Farms allow users to stake FRAX-BNB LP tokens and get BSW rewards for staking. It will increase the number of long-term FRAX holders, as well as increase liquidity to provide lower slippage.

Along with participation in Farms, liquidity providers get 0.05% of all swaps made inside the trading pair as a fee reward.

Once FRAX trading volumes on Biswap grow and achieve over $86 000 in average daily trading volumes (through several days) Biswap will consider the creation of Stake FRAX-BNB LP - Earn BSW Farm.

Other factors that may impact Farm creation include the project’s community health, security issues, roadmap release postponement, and violation of other agreement points.

Farming pairs on Biswap are reconsidered on a monthly basis depending on their trading volumes.

Existing Farms on Biswap could be found here:

  1. Creating the Stake BSW | Earn FRAX Launchpool for 30 days that will spread FRAX tokens among more than 125 000+ BSW holders. Biswap Launchpools allow users to earn crypto for holding BSW. Providing liquidity on Biswap Launchpools will increase your target audience among Biswappers and investors. That will bring more interest to your token, increase its trustworthiness, and boost the number of holders.
  • The required sum is $100 000 in FRAX for Stake BSW | Earn FRAX Unlimited Launchpool (30 days).
    The Biswap side will gladly consider the potential integration of Biswap in the Frax Finance project (missions, additional BSW rewards, items, etc.).
  • Adding Biswap on the Frax Staking page
  1. Considering Biswap as your main DEX on BNB Smart Chain. It means keeping a major part of FRAX liquidity in Biswap liquidity pools, leading to a strong co-marketing and co-promotional strategy which will have a beneficial impact on both projects

  2. Step-by-step cross-marketing accompanying Frax Finance’s side marketing & Promo Strategy for the most powerful collaboration boost.

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kinda looks like you have a big chunk of fake followers, 80k or so. so maybe take this number with a pinch of salt.

fake twitter

this amount seems low and could result in the pool have pretty bad slippage even for people trading just a few $k. Maybe add a digit to it ?

would the FRAX / BUSD pool also be earning BSW or will that just be the FRAX/BNB pool?

just so i got this right, you want FRAX to hand you $100k so you can give it away to your BSW stakers?

At first you say you want $100k and that it can be removed a few months later once other investors build up the pools liquidity, but here you talk about keeping a major part of our liquidity in the pools.
by major i assume you mean far more them $100k. can you be more clear about this please.

In today’s reality, it is almost impossible to avoid any bots and spam on social media. A certain amount of unreachable accounts is unavoidable in the followers number of any quite big Twitter profile.

However, I can assure you that the overwhelming majority of traffic from 22 Nov to 20 Dec is quite natural since a lot of positive news regarding Biswap has appeared in this period. I have made a short list of these tweets, please, check it out:

MVB Incubation Masterclass with Robi:

Squid NFT World release announcement:

Also, during that period were posted such great news as (you can find these tweets on the official Biswap Twitter since no more than 2 links could be added here):

  • Biswap hits top 2 in Coin 98 app
  • Trading Volume on Biswap reached new historical levels
  • Biswap reached new ATH

Biswap is always aiming to provide the best exchange experience for our users. $100k liquidity per token is the minimum amount of liquidity to get an acceptable price impact. However, we never set a limit of maximum liquidity amount for any token, so it is a good idea to increase a liquidity pool for the FRAX token on Biswap. I propose to consider this number starting from $500k in FRAX and $500 in BUSD. Also, we still keep the opportunity to increase the existing liquidity pool if it will be needed.
Open for more discussions on that.

I assume, that you are talking about the FRAX-BUSD liquidity pool. On Biswap 50% of exchange fees are distributed among LP tokens holders, so liquidity providers will be able to gain additional FRAX and BUSD tokens for liquidity provision.

FRAX Launchpool on Biswap will give an opportunity for BSW holders to receive a certain amount of FRAX through staking their BSW. It will significantly increase the interest of the community in the Frax Finance project and allow approximately 125,000 BSW holders to try out all the benefits of the FRAX token.

This highly depends on the total amount of liquidity the users will provide with the FRAX token. However, in case Frax Finance decides to choose Biswap as the main DEX on BSC, it would recommend keeping the initial liquidity in the FRAX_BUSD pair.

i think Apeswap has about $1m in FRAX liquidity so the pool would need to be deeper is Biswap wants to be the main dex for FRAX on BSC. imo.

Taking this information into account, I propose to implement the following changes in the point 1: Official FRAX listing on Biswap under the FRAX-BUSD pair:

  • For the FRAX official listing is required the start liquidity on Biswap - is $1 000 000 in FRAX and $1 000 000 in BUSD for the FRAX-BUSD pair.
    ** In case Biswap is considered as the main DEX on BSC for Frax Finance, the liquidity will be kept in the FRAX-BUSD pair. Biswap is open to using any liquidity lockers by the Frax Finance team, it will be additional trust and security points for the community*
  • Frax Finance users will have the opportunity to buy FRAX with the lowest platform fee of 0.1%
  • Adding Biswap on the Frax Integrations page

bit strange that your not aware of the size of other FRAX pools on BSC while your trying to be #1 pool on that chain.

We are aware of other liquidity pools of the FRAX token. $200k liquidity is the initial amount of required liquidity, which can be reconsidered depending on other conditions of the offer.

i see this is up for voting, it will be interesting to see what happens.

generally speaking its a proposal for FRAX to pay $100k to get listed and start a partnership and i wonder if this $100k launch pad will give people reason to down vote the proposal , or if people think its a fair price for the exposure we would gain.

i am yet to vote. still getting views from others.