[FIP - 114] Badger Fraxbp Gauge


C2tP (Convex Finance)


Background & Motivation

Continuing the push to incentivize FraxBP pools, this proposal will add gauges for Convex wrapped positions of the following pools. (Similar to FIP 97 - Initial FRAXBP Metapool Gauges)


Add a FXS gauge for the following Convex pools:


The staking token is a wrapped Convex staking position represented by an erc-20 that receives CRV and CVX rewards. This token can then be staked on a Frax Finance gauge to then also receive FXS rewards.

The wrapped staking position itself is an unmanaged trustless position and can be found on the Convex github at platform/ConvexStakingWrapperFrax.sol


For: Add the listed pools to FXS gauge controller as staked Convex positions

Against: Do nothing.


I don’t know if this is a very good idea - the Badger pools had to be voted out of the veBAL gauges cause they were extractive on the gauge by voting to give themselves like 150%apr on a pool that did almost no volume

Don’t think they have as near as much reach in that regard but also fxs emissions are for incentivizing liquidity more so than volume so it’s still technically doing the job as far as Frax is concerned I think.
Obviously big volume would be sweet of course for sure

This proposal is up for voting here: Snapshot