[FIP - 149] Deploy Fraxferry for a new chain ( Moonriver )




Deploy a Fraxferry between Ethereum Mainnet and Moonriver, with the following details:

Parameter Value
Ethereum Fraxferry contract address TBD
Moonriver Fraxferry contract address TBD
Ethereum Token address 0x853d955aCEf822Db058eb8505911ED77F175b99e (FRAX)
Moonriver Token address TBD

Background and Motivation

Fraxferry is the newest product of Frax Finance. It aims to simplify the cross-chain bridging issue for Frax assets, making it easier to deploy Frax on other chains. Fraxferry is a slower, simpler, but more secure method of bridging tokens. And you can read more about it here .


  • For: Deploy a Fraxferry between Ethereum Mainnet and Moonriver
  • Against: Do nothing.
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This gets strong support from me. When can this be put forth for a vote?

This proposal is up for voting here: Snapshot

I support this strongly because I am one of the many people that have frax stuck on MOONRIVER chain. I hope FRAX team will prioritize Fraxferry on Moonriver and roll out as soon as possible.

So this was voted down and it looks like a single whale is controlling the vote . fraximaxi.eth

Does anyone know why this was voted down?

So can we create a new proposal or do we have to wait?

Is something changed that we need to revote? if not we have to wait to repost it on the snapshot.

how long do we have to wait?

the problem is the liquidity is stuck on moonriver and frax is already depeged so arb guys already taking advantage of it but in general its very bad news for frax. Sow when do you think we cna have this vote again?

Can we stress that Frax on Moonriver is canonical token issued by Frax protocol, not third party. If the token was truly liquidities coming from ETH via various bridges before, core team needs to play an active role addressing Ferry issue, not stay silent on the proposal. Or be transparent on why core team put out ferry proposal on every chain except Moonriver, and do not give out a reason

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This proposal is up for revote here: Snapshot

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