[FIP - 205,206] Enabling Bunni-LP FRAX/USDC and frxETH/WETH Gauges on Frax Finance Staking


Timeless Finance’s protocol, bunni.pro, is pleased to submit this proposal to enable the Bunni-LP FRAX/USDC and frxETH/WETH gauges in order to receive FXS rewards.


Bunni is a protocol that was initially released in October 2022 built on top of Uniswap V3, which leverages its deep liquidity to offer a more capital-efficient trading experience for users. Bunni has a public utility that represents Uniswap v3 liquidity positions as fungible ERC-20 tokens instead of NFTs. This allows for more complex incentivization schemes to be created for Uniswap v3 liquidity. Since its initial release, Timeless has continued to improve and develop Bunni, turning it into a full-fledged liquidity engine, with improvements to its tokenomics inspired by protocols such as Balancer and Curve. Our platform has already facilitated over $194,248,029 in total volume with the FRAX/USDC pool and has over $4.5 million in TVL between the two pools in just three months.


We propose that Frax Finance add a gauge for Bunni to further grow our relationship. Doing this should help with providing efficient deep liquidity while also adding to the flywheel effect created from TRC #010 Commonwealth. Our venomic-based gauges will offer incentives and free bribes coming from swap fees to LPs who participate in our liquidity optimization services. We believe that working together, we can create an even more robust ecosystem for Frax Finance LPs and holders.

Evaluation of Success

We will measure the success of our Frax Finance gauges by monitoring the liquidity and trading volume of the FRAX/USDC and frxETH/WETH liquidity pools along with bribe market stats and % of total veLIT votes the pools receive.


Bunni is excited to grow our relationship with Frax Finance by creating a more efficient and effective ecosystem for traders and LPs. Our liquidity optimization services and incentives will encourage LPs to use our platform and deepen liquidity. We look forward to partnering with Frax Finance and contributing to a better trading experience for everyone involved.

References/Useful links

Bunni Webapp: https://bunni.pro/

Timeless Webapp: https://timelessfi.com/

Docs: https://docs.timelessfi.com/

Blog: https://blog.timelessfi.com/

Bunni Dune analytics: https://dune.com/bored_genius/bunni

Twitter: https://twitter.com/timeless_fi

Forum: https://gov.timelessfi.com/

Github: Bunni · https://github.com/ZeframLou/bunni

DefiLlama: https://defillama.com/protocol/timeless


These are two separate gauges. Each pool would be posted for voting separately.

Bunni FRAX/USDC pool address: 0x088DCFE115715030d441a544206CD970145F3941

Bunni FRAX/USDC gauge address: 0x471A34823DDd9506fe8dFD6BC5c2890e4114Fafe

Bunni frxETH/WETH pool address: 0xefFe49D9fCe8A4fC71Be42f7b2A83Bd353107Be3

Bunni frxETH/WETH gauge address: 0x4Bf0082080d937897330BAB735c2Baa99FF16F19


[FIP - 205] Enabling Bunni-LP FRAX/USDC Gauge on Frax Finance Staking : Snapshot

[FIP - 206] Enabling Bunni-LP frxETH/WETH Gauges on Frax Finance Staking : Snapshot

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