FIP 21 - G-UNI Gauge for Frax Stablecoin Pairs

I think we’re biting off a bit too much here. I thought the plan was to propose to move over the current FRAX-DAI Uni pool into a G-Uni pool. IMO adding 10 pairs at once for what’s essentially a try-out is overkill and puts a lot of unnecessary strain on the team. I believe we should vote for each unique pair in a separate proposal. Starting out with FRAX-DAI where we could essentially move over 16mil of liquidity to it would be a great start for comparison to the performance of the 100 mil USDC pool. I’d say we continue proposing additional pairs only once the testrun has completed.

Thanks for clarifying your position. I based the snapshot vote off the straw polls I did. If the snapshot were not to pass, I would be open to amending it with either focusing on a few pools or creating a system of adding one pool at a time.

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I would also like to make it clear here that if this were to pass, we would not add all the G-UNI pools at once but rather add one pair over an extended period of time by the Frax core team and Gelato’s discretion.

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i think its better to put each pair up for a vote one at a time (1 per month) as not all coins are equal and some people may see 1 coin they dont like and vote no because of that 1 coin.


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when will we be adding another pair ? what one should be next ?

Based on previous discussion on the forum, MIM would be the most likely candidate. I think Fei would be a fine candidate as well given how everyone is in contact with each other. Fei has a G-UNI FEI/DAI pool and Frax recently opened up a 3pool with them alongside Alchemix.