Proposal to retire FRAX/DAI UNIv3 gauge pair to allow transition to G-UNI FRAX/DAI pair

Since the Gelato FRAX/DAI uni pair has been introduced for over a week now and people are not voting any gauge rewards to it, I believe it’s clear having 2 Identical stablecoin pairs on Uniswap is just overkill.

If we ever want to find out wether Gelato-enabled UNI pairs perform better than their counterparts I believe we should deprecate our traditional FRAX/DAI pair and let people move over to the G-UNI one.

Let me know what you guys think on this and wether I should push this forward to voting.

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This is an interesting point that people aren’t voting gauge weight to it. Perhaps they are already locked into FRAX-DAI. I noticed the FRAX-DAI gauge increased in weight this week which is nice at least.

There is a migration feature in the gauge system that we could look into for this. Alternatively, we can just vote to unlock the gauge yes. I’m somewhat worried about the precedent it would set for unlocking future gauges but willing to hear what the community has to say and open to it :slight_smile: I do agree we should boost up the G UNI Gauge participation and weight.

This is the case for me yeah, I am locked into the FRAX-DAI gauge and am therefor forced to always vote for that gauge now.
I’m curious to see how the G-UNI pair would perform, I believe we might be missing out on a significant amount of fees. As for the precedent unlocking the current FRAX/DAI pair would set I’m not too worried as I don’t expect we’ll be adding additional duplicate pairs too often in the future after seeing the current results. I also believe since FRAX/DAI has a relatively low TVL atm (13 mil) most of it will flow over into the G-UNI pair fairly quickly.

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its a new pool, you need to give it time. i think we should review this in 3 months time once the gauge has had time to react to the new pools being added.

personally i dont think its a viable option for many investors to pay $500+ in fees per lock to move pools

Currently, there is $ 2.1 million of TVL in the G-UNI FRAX-DAI pool earning 3.52% APY. I am not sure what they APY is for the Uni v3 FRAX-DAI because fees do not get reinvested, but in the future if we could create a migration tool that would be the most ideal.

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3.52% ?? not sure where that number comes from but the FRAX app is shoing its just dropped to 56.9% / 284.6%

From here, I was just speaking from fees alone, not FXS rewards.

looking back, 20Dec Gelato had whitehat exploit , current Gelato Frax Dai TVL 23M - two FARX DAI gauges are co existing :slight_smile: