[FIP - 224,225] Deploy Fraxferry for frxETH and sfrxETH ( Avalanche )


Frax Core Team


Deploy Fraxferry for frxETH and sfrxETH between Ethereum Mainnet and Avalanche, with the following details (Each chain/token will be voted separately on the snapshot):

Background and Motivation

Fraxferry aims to simplify the cross-chain bridging issue for assets, making it easier to deploy Frax-related tokens on other chains. Fraxferry is a slower, simpler, but more secure method of bridging tokens. And you can read more about it here .

[FIP - 224] Deploy Fraxferry for frxETH ( Avalanche ) : Snapshot
[FIP - 225] Deploy Fraxferry for sfrxETH ( Avalanche ) : Snapshot