[FIP - 267] Authorize Fraxlend AMO to Share Allocations Between v1 and v3 Lending Pairs


Frax Core Team


This proposal aims to grant the Fraxlend AMO permission to distribute its existing allocation limitations among both V1 and V3 FraxLend lending pairs. The main objective is to ensure a smooth migration from V1 to V3 by maximizing the utilization of the allocations already in place across both versions.

Background and Motivation

As we’re getting set to launch more lending markets with Fraxlend V3 with Variable Rate V2, it’s key to reexamine our capital allocation game plan to ensure a seamless move from V1 to V3. Currently, each Fraxlend V1 lending pair has its own allocation caps managed by Fraxlend AMO. But, with the upcoming arrival of new lending pairs in V3, we need a solid plan to manage these allocations effectively. This proposal aims to offer a smooth transition from V1 to V3, keeping user-experience top-notch and our platform running smoothly.


Our proposal is to give Fraxlend AMO the power to share its existing allocation limits between V1 and soon-to-launch V3 lending pairs. In simpler terms, the allocation cap for a specific lending pair could be shared between its V1 and V3 versions. By spreading these allocations across multiple versions, we can make the best use of capital and offer a hassle-free transition for our users.

The pairs we plan to roll out in V3 are:

Pair Current Pair Address
WBTC/FRAX 0x32467a5fc2d72d21e8dce990906547a2b012f382
WETH/FRAX 0x794f6b13fbd7eb7ef10d1ed205c9a416910207ff
CVX/FRAX 0xa1d100a5bf6bfd2736837c97248853d989a9ed84
FXS/FRAX 0xdbe88dbac39263c47629ebba02b3ef4cf0752a72
CRV/FRAX 0x3835a58ca93cdb5f912519ad366826ac9a752510
sfrxETH/FRAX 0x21e354da5d929a4da55428f6bfd71ed9ffd5001f
gOHM/FRAX 0x66bf36dba79d4606039f04b32946a260bcd3ff52
FPI/FRAX 0x74f82bd9d0390a4180daaec92d64cf0708751759


  • For: Authorizing FraxLend AMO to share allocation limits between V1 and V3 lending pairs.

  • Against: Do nothing.

This proposal is up for voting here: Snapshot