[FIP - 339] Add the Curve CVG/FRAXBP pool to the FXS gauge controller

Add CVG/FRAXBP to the FXS gauge controller
Curve pool address: Curve.fi
Pool: 0xa7b0e924c2dbb9b4f576cce96ac80657e42c3e42
Gauge: 0x8a111b47b31bba40c2f0d2f9a8cf6b6c4b50114e
Website: https://app.cvg.finance/
Twitter: @Convergence_fi

Convergence is an agnostic “Convex-like” layer, currently deployed atop Stake DAO. In addition to the well-known “Convex-like” behavior of aggregation/optimization of underlying protocols, Convergence also gathers mechanisms inspired from Curve, and Olympus. Gauges and veTokenomics are used to drive emissions, and a Bonding Program has been established. Bonds are used to build Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) and a treasury that allows Convergence to ensure self-sustainability, but also to reward token holders with an intrinsic incentive mechanism that does not rely on underlying protocols’ aggregation.

Convergence’s main products are:

  • a boosting layer for Curve LPs via Stake DAO
  • a yield-bearing locked primitive that acts as a Curve ecosystem index (ysCVG)
  • a governance aggregator (mgCVG)

Convergence’s liquidity consists of 2 pools (CVG/WETH and CVG/FRAXBP), where the liquidity is almost entirely owned by the protocol as Protolcol Owned Liquidity.

The CVG/FRAXBP pool is a secondary pool, which purposes are the following:

  • allowing users to buy CVG using stablecoins;
  • being a farming venue for the treasury which will accumulate CRV CVX and FXS rewards that will be distributed back to ysCVG holders.

Thus, we are looking for a gauge on Frax to maximize earnings from the CVG/FRAXBP pool. The LP will be max locked on Convex/Frax, and vote incentives will be offered to veFXS holders on Votemarket. As previously mentioned, 80% of farmed rewards will be distributed back to CVG lockers who chose to lock their tokens for ysCVG.


  • For: Add the CVG/FRAXBP pool to the FXS gauge controller
  • Against: Do nothing

This proposal is up for voting here: Snapshot