FIP-74-Growth Lead Proposal


Grant DeFi Dave the full-time position as the Growth Lead for the Frax Protocol funded by the Frax Treasury Pool.


Greetings Frax Community, I’m DeFi Dave and I have been a member of the Frax community since its inception. I previously worked with Sam and Travis at Everipedia and would later lead Growth at Gelato, securing some of their first partnerships and integrations as well as playing a vital role in the success of their token sale. Over the past several months, I have found my way back to contributing to Frax, managing relationships as the Frax core team keeps their heads down to build as well as bring investments to the Frax DAO for approval. Some specific things i’ve done so far include:

  • Helped establish AMOs including for Goldfinch, TrueFi, and Thetanuts.

  • Sourced investments from the Frax DAO into projects such as Anzen, Money Switch, and Eternity.

  • Managed conversations for a wide range of potential partnerships, integrations, and relationships on behalf of the core team.

  • Organized Frax-related content through in order to create a destination for people to learn about Frax.

  • Hosted the first Fraximalist meetup in Amsterdam during Devconnect. Attended multiple conferences where I would introduce and educate people about Frax.

In my position, I will continue forward with managing relationships, onboarding AMOs, sourcing investments, and leading marketing efforts and will report to Sam and the Frax core team. Certain KPIs to measure my performance include:

  • Revenue generated from sourced AMOs

  • Success of sourced Frax DAO investments

  • Increasing the circulation of FRAX

  • Increasing the adoption of FPI

  • Increasing the brand awareness of Frax

After speaking with Sam and the team, I propose compensation as follows:

  • $12,500 worth of FXS a month (FXS price determined by 30-day TWAP starting the day the proposal passes) over the next 3 months

  • FXS to be locked in veFXS for min of 2 years

For those curious about my other current positions. I am the co-founder of PIF Labs, an advisory firm and incubator that is incubating a wide range of projects including Pitch Money, Eternity, Fraximalists, and the upcoming Stable Summit (more info soon). In addition, I maintain a position as an advisor to Gelato where I will introduce them to projects when relevant. These responsibilities will not hinder my ability to work for the Frax protocol in a full-time capacity.


The motivation behind this proposal is to align incentives properly between myself and the protocol. I have not been compensated by the core team so far for my work. It is my goal to make Frax the leading stablecoin as well as have FPI be the leading unit of account for all of DeFi/Crypto/Web3 and beyond and hope to build on my previous momentum to do so. When the three months are up, we can revisit this proposal again for renewal.


  1. Appoint DeFi Dave Growth Lead

  2. Do Nothing


Totally support Dave here and this is a very reasonable+well earned proposal. Dave has worked with FRAX (and previously other projects with us) for many months entirely with the good will of the community. I’ve known Dave for years and he is an exemplary community steward and fraximalist since the day FRAX launched.

The unique things that Dave has in store for growing the fraximalist community both onchain and offchain (real world events, conferences, and DeFi integrations) will bring huge value to the greater FRAX economy. You have my support ser!


Appreciate the kind words, I’m excited to keep building alongside everyone here :rocket:


I support this. The spirit of this proposal is awesome and the value that you’ve brought to our community is fantastic. Keep it up.


And its up for Snapshot!

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