FIP 89 - Adopt for Frax governance forum


The purpose of this proposal is to adopt Commonwealth as the governance forum and voting interface for the Frax community. Commonwealth offers a fully crypto-native forum, voting interface (polls, Snapshot, and on-chain governance), and chat all in one product. Commonwealth is free to use and will soon be fully-decentralized.


About Commonwealth

Commonwealth is an all-in-one platform for decentralized communities to run themselves. We eliminate the need for multiple governance products / DAO tools. We offer fully crypto native discussion, chat, polling, onchain governance, Snapshot support, and member analytics / profiles. We power over 700+ DAOs including dYdX, Redacted Cartel, Axie Infinity, Osmosis, Stargate, Element Finance, Spiritswap, and soon Olympus. Commonwealth has raised $23.2M from Dragonfly, Parafi, Polychain, Framework, Hashed, Nascent, Spark, Balaji, Stani, and others.


To migrate the current Frax forum to Commonwealth and integrate your Snapshot / governance.

The Problem

Currently the Frax governance community is highly fragmented (Telegram, Discord, Discourse, Snapshot, on-chain voting) and has little transparency into the discussion / voting activity.

  1. Create a new account for Discourse with an email (non-sybil resistant, non-spam resistant)
  2. Create other web2 accounts (Telegram, Discord)
  3. Missing the link between forum discussions, chat, and voting
  4. Need to now use 3-5 platforms for every DAO a member is a part of

The Solution

Integrating Commonwealth is incredibly easy, the user journey would look like this:

  1. Import the Frax Discourse to Commonwealth (maintains all content and profiles)
  2. Link Frax governance and Snapshot (creates bidirectional governance interfaces)
  3. Community owned and run

For users, using Commonwealth is simple:

  1. Link your wallet via Metamask or Wallet Connect
  2. Join the Frax forum
  3. Link the same email you used for Discourse to claim your old account
  4. Begin discussing, chatting, creating proposals, and voting in one space for all of your communities

Benefits to the Frax Community

To summarize, below are the key benefits for the end users:

  • Simplified user journey to interact with the Frax community
  • Totally free to use
  • Fully crypto native experience
  • In-app crowdfunding (soon)
  • DAO tool app store (soon)


Dillon Chen - Founder / CEO - prev. VC at General Catalyst & Dorm Room Fund, founder at Source Wifi

George Beall - Head of Business - prev. cofounder of Everipedia, growth at Walmart eCommerce

Jake Naviasky - Head of Engineering - prev. Bloomberg, Carnegie Mellon

Zak Hap - Head of Product - prev. DeFi founder, Columbia

Aden Bailey - Head of Design - prev. Cooper Union design professor

  • 12 others!


Migrate Discourse forum to Commonwealth

Adopt Commonwealth platform moving forward


Do nothing





Frax Community:

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adding more is not gonna help imo. maybe we should just close the least used platforms we currently have.

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Commonwealth will replace Discourse and has Snapshot and on-chain voting integrated. Depending on the community’s will, we often see more serious conversations moving from Telegram and DIscord to Commonwealth.

After hearing George in the governance space yesterday I think we should 100% make the move to Commonwealth. There are a few reasons I support including that its crypto-native, migration from Discourse to their platform only takes minutes, and snapshot is already on there. But the biggest draw for me is its grant-giving capabilities which will streamline bootstrapping community initiatives.

Proposal is live! Snapshot