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This proposal aims at enabling an official pool of FRAX/pFRAX on O3 Interchange, our newly released cross-chain DEX.
Frax Finance would provide 20k$ as initial liquidity, which can later be withdrawn at anytime once enough liquidity is supplied.

Users of Frax Finance would be able to:

-stake their FRAX and/or FRAX/pFRAX LP tokens, in order to receive O3 Tokens as an incentive
-swap their FRAX to another chain and/or for a different asset
-earn by making arbitrage between FRAX and pFRAX, through the Peg and Barter functions

About O3 Interchange

O3 Swap’s version 2, officially named ‘O3 Interchange’, is a cross-chain DEX like no other in that it provides services
aside from bridging the same token across different chains, but rather swaps heterogeneous or different digital assets too.
In addition to aggregating DEXs on the source chain as V1 did, O3 Interchange will also aggregate DEXs on the destination chain.
That means users will have more choices for their destination asset.
We currently support ETH, BNB chain, Matic, Gnosis, Optimism, Arbitrum, OEC and FTM. We’ll add other EVM chains in the future too.

To know more about O3:

providing liquidity to cross-chain bridges comes with a lot of risk.

can you provide links to your audits please

do you have a bug bounties in place?

can you provide any details of past hacks or exploits you have suffered and the actions you have taken to avoid them going forward?

please dont think im seeing this proposal in a negative way, im very much in favor of growing the bridging options and adoption of FRAX, but you should understand we would like to work with the safest bridge protocols that are going above and beyond to provide a safe place for FRAX and its investors to trade or store value in.

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We think your concerns are reasonable and show a sincere interest of yours, we appreciate that!

Poly Network, our relay network, suffered an exploit back in August 2021, which indirectly affected O3 V1 as well. Finally, an agreement was reached and almost all the stolen funds were returned (please see
Following that, Poly Network launched a bug bounty, still ongoing. I’m posting the link to the bug bounty in the next post.


Poly Network Bug Bounty


Besides, on our part, although we haven’t a set date yet, we’re planning to launch a $400k bug bounty specifically for V2/Interchange. SOURCE