FRAX x Across Protocol

Hi - I work with Across. I do not think AMO is needed for an Across Liquidity Pool. The simplest way to get FRAX added to Across for fast, low cost bridging is to do the following:

  1. Setup a relayer. Risk Labs can show Frax how to do this, or you can lend Risk Labs tokens to do this on Frax behalf. 250k is a reasonable number here to start.

  2. Fund a liquidity pool. 500-750k is a reasonable number here to start.

That’s it.

Here is a simple example of how Across works. If you want to move 100,000 FRAX from Arbitrum to Mainnet. You put it into a deposit box in Arbitrum. The relayer sees that deposit and fronts the FRAX to you on Mainnet. After 2hr dispute period, the relayer gets reimbursed by the FRAX LP on Mainnet. The FRAX LP gets reimbursed by sending the original FRAX from the arbitrum deposit box through the canonical bridge back to Mainnet. So relayer is doing 2hr loans and LP is doing 7day loans. This is why the relayer needs less funds. it (approximately) just has to be able to support Frax largest single transfer whereas the LP needs to have enough money to support 7 days of transfers.

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Too little too little Too little too little


I choose to support it: Create an AMO for Across .

FRAX to create an AMO for Across and to deploy $1M of liquidity.

I admit that the current project is doing well. For liquidity, creative projects are worthy of recognition

Agree,It’s good for the project

Totally agreed that. We should decrease transaction fee and increase the speed of transaction, this will help alot.

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I am support it , Create an AMO for Across is need.

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thats a good suggestion - we should aim to clear that up through the AMA and hopefully get more clarity. the AMO aspect is going to be confusing for sure.

once we have some community consensus from both sides then the logical next step is to take it to a governance vote.

so yes we should try to plan for that. definitely someone from RL needs to be speak on this.

@Cleo0x22 :

Please do not copy my conversations from Discord verbatim and consider it your own, I do not welcome that.

Well regardless if this is a good partnership idea or not love all the really organic responses in here lol


Absolutely, there needs to be a correlation.