Gauge did not react to Vote

I voted for a particular guage however there was no impact on the distribution.

The amount was 6.5k veFXS.

this does not seem like a proposal.

6500 veFXS controls around 0.008% of the vote, maybe it was to small to make a notable difference on the displayed amounts on the UI.

you voted on a wenesday, im not sure what time the cut off is but maybe you vote was not in time for this week but was included for next week.

I’m just not sure where to report a bug. I am confident something is working incorrectly but it could just be the UI.

i dont think we have a place to report bugs so i understand your confusion, best place is to highlight it to team member on the telegram group.

As @sparkes25 noted, 6500 veFXS would barely move a vote. The gauge controller does need to be ‘poked’ by a vote or a manual refresh call, but if that doesn’t happen, the vote isn’t lost, the UI will just be slightly stale


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I suspect you both are right and it is just that 6.5K of 75 million is just to small to see an impact. (That’s why I explicitly stated the amount). About 1/10,000 or 0.01% of vested FXS. I just had seen large responses to my meager investment in the past and was assuming that many users were abstaining.

as more FXS is released with emissions the more it will take to move the vote.

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