Partner with StellaSwap DEX

StellaSwap would like to partner with Frax to add Frax in upcoming four asset basepool consisting of (USDC,USDT,DAI & FRAX) and reward users farming this particular pool with FXS.

4Pool Details:
StellaSwap has recently launched a Stable AMM model in pursuit of a hybrid AMM that facilitates lower slippage and better trades.
4pool being the base pool with multiple reward tokens including STELLA and GLMR.


  • High yield farming with Frax
  • Deep liquidity for Frax
  • Efficient trading with other assets

FXS Proposed Emissions:
$60,000 FXS over a period of 2 months

About StellaSwap:
StellaSwap is the first and leading DEX on Moonbeam across TVL and volume. Users can swap, earn, yield farm, bridge assets and many more upcoming products in the pipeline.