RFQ: Integrate EigenLayr in FrxETH


DeFi Dave


Open RFQ period for all parties to propose integrating EigenLayr into FrxETH in order to boost organic yield revenue sources for sFrxETH.

Background and Motivation

Seeing that the Frax core team and community are figuring out what our priorities should be for 2023, I want to bring up EigenLayr before anything is set because I think it is a simple and straightforward way to bring even MORE organic yield to sFrxETH.

For those who are unfamiliar, EigenLayr provides cryptoeconomic security as a service for rollups, bridges, and dapps who are interested in outsourcing trust in a sufficient manner. Uniquely created for ETH nodes and through the process known as restaking, blockchain projects can lay out extra slashing conditions and in return for implementing them, ETH nodes can earn extra yield for securing the blockchain project.

If you want to learn more about EigenLayr, I highly suggest watching this YouTube video (EigenLayr: Permissionless Feature Addition to Ethereum with Sreeram Kannan | a16z crypto research - YouTube). I think this is something worthy of being explored and am open to comments/suggestions from the team and community.


• For: Open EigenLayr FrxETH RFQ period until Jan 16th 2023

• Against: Do nothing.


Would be interested in exploring Eigenlayer integrations. It’s very new days for the project, so it may be early to actually deploy, but well worth spending time on.

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Very supportive of this proposal - restaking with EigenLayr is the ETHkiller killer