Seed Ola.Finance on Fuse network with $1mln FRAX is a lending protocol on the Fuse Network, a POS L1.

Frax AMO should seed Ola with $1mln FRAX to expand our reach and incentivize people to use FRAX on Fuse.

Sushiswap intends to launch soon on Fuse and FRAX pairs can be well situated to be top in liquidity if there is enough FRAX on the network.

Additional FRAX should be added by the AMO once the APR rate for borrowing rises above 8-10% APR.

Once FRAX seeds Fuse, marketing partnerships can also be discussed with bombswap and fuseswap, the two major AMMs on the network.


would love to see this colab!


Love the Frax product, would love to see it on Fuse.

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This has been up for over a week now. Without any objections Iā€™m going to create a snapshot for this.