Switch gauge voting to Polygon for gasless transactions

Are you saying that the votes are cumulative? If you know where in the docs to look I’d appreciate a link. I have used the tool and I vote for the same gauge every ~10 days. After 10 days when I vote again the gauge increases showing that the system was not including my vote prior to my new vote. Every 10 days you must vote anew.

Gasless voting on Polygon for gauge voting is definitely possible and notable Ethereum bluechips like Tokemak and Aave have already successfully done so.

This is possible via Polygon’s state sync mechanism with Ethereum called FX Portal which enables the transfer of arbitrary data from Ethereum to Polygon.

Here is how TOKEMAK did it:
When a user makes a deposit or withdraw, their resulting balance is packaged into an on-chain “event” (different from your typical eth_log events), and sent to our contracts on Polygon via the FX Portal.

Gasless voting is enabled by having the user sign a payload indicating how they want their vote allocated. That payload is submitted to our API and relayed to our contract Polygon. When possible an EIP712 typed signture is used, with eth_sign used as a backup.

For more details you can check out the TOKEMAK docs about how gasless voting in done on Polygon and also their github for a more detailed understanding.


  • Since gauge voting is very frequent similar to constantly voting for individual token reactors, it makes sense to move it from Ethereum to Polygon.
  • Already successfully battle tested by TOKEMAK and Aave to name a few big names.

It seems that discussions have been going on for months, but none of the core members have said anything. It’s about the governance of FRAX and the interests of VEFXS holders, so a vote should be a necessary part of the VE model. Addressing people’s cost concerns is fundamental, otherwise all governance and voting will only serve other DAOs or whales with FXS.

you only have too vote 1 time