Tokenik Partnership Proposal

Partnership with Tokenik

Tokenik would like to partner with Frax Finance to have Frax listed as an approved stable coin on Tokenik Dex amongst other synergies and benefits listed below.

Partnership proposal:

  • Tokenik lists Frax as an approved stables coin: This will introduce the Frax Token to new users thus giving you more exposure and increase your volume. Once Frax is an approved token, users will be incentivized to use Frax for swaps, because they would earn 1% back as RNIK rewards.
  • $NIK emissions: We would like to give out a certain amount of $NIK tokens (our governance token) as emissions to people buying and staking Frax. this should increase your TVL and give stakers a higher APY. The $NIK token has a max supply of 100M tokens. Up to 50% of the fees paid within the Tokenik Ecosystem will be redistributed to $NIK stakers.
  • Liquidity providing/Grant Partner Program: Once we launch on mainnet (end of February) we would like to invite you to create a liquidity pool on Tokenik where you’ll earn $RNIK tokens upon providing liquidity + earn both paired tokens as trading fees which will be liquid. We are looking at a minimum of $100k being provided ($50K Frax token + $50K USDC/USDT/DAI). Alternatively Frax could also provide only $50K Frax and pair it with $50K NIK tokens, which Tokenik would provide. Depending on how much you provide and the duration, this would make you eligible to our “Grant Partner Program” where you would get between $20,000 to $50,000 in RNIK trading rewards.
    You can learn more about the RNIK token and our Grant Partner Program on our website.
  • CoMarketing: We would like to have you listed on our Partner page: Partners - Tokenik for visibility and also write a Medium article about Frax and post a Tweet about our partnership. We also would like to invite you to let your Community know about the $RNIK Airdrop we’re doing at the moment.

About Tokenik:

Tokenik is a one-stop multi-Dapp platform that rewards users, projects, and liquidity providers by creating the world’s first Reward Farming DEX with cash incentives.

Built-in DeFi dApps
• Token Swap • $NIK & $RNIK Staking
• Perpetual Trading • Limit Orders
• Tokenik Wallet • Portfolio Rebalancing
• LP Staking Farms • NFT Escrow
• Lending • Options Trading
• Token Bridge • Tokenik Safe

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Hi can you update the proposal so the outcomes are more clear?

Right now it looks like the following

  1. Frax agrees to marketing partnership with Tokenik. Tokenik will be able to use Frax’s logo in marketing materials and on the website only after adding FRAX to the platform.

  2. The 100k requested through the AMO should be separated and proposed when you have exact contract information. Please refer to previous AMO proposals.

As for Co-marketing, get in touch with Telegram: Contact @flywheelpod to discuss coming on Frax check to talk about this proposal and your project.

Noted thank you! I will join the Telegram group and post more information here when we have exact contract information like requested :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your feedback!