Tribuni Alpha Launch: Telegram Mini-app Built by Delegates for Delegates

Being a delegate requires constantly staying up-to-date due to the sheer volume of information that needs to be digested. I experienced this firsthand during my time as the governance co-lead at Blockchain@USC.

To address this pain point, we are excited to announce the alpha launch of the Tribuni Telegram Mini-app, a governance info aggregation app built by and for delegates.

Tribuni allows delegates to receive alerts on live proposals, get proposal summaries, and stay updated on the superchain ecosystems such as Frax, Optimism, Synthetix, and more. We chose Telegram as our platform because it has the highest concentration of crypto users and offers a mobile-first, all-in-one experience. This allows users to receive updates seamlessly without needing to switch between different apps, which helps to reduce the tooling silo in governance, making it more engaging and convenient for users. This project emerged from the ETH Denver 2024 hackathon, and we have continued to develop it since then.

We invite you to start using Tribuni today with the invite code: POTATO

We are actively developing new features as outlined in our grant applications and eagerly anticipate user feedback. Please join telegram groupchat for technical support and to share your thoughts and experiences with us.