Vesper Finance vaFRAX Gauge


Introduce Vesper Finance FRAX pool token (vaFRAX) as a supported FXS gauge.

Background and Motivation

Vesper Finance is a leading DeFi Yield Aggregator that differentiates itself with a rigorous security standard: every yield strategy is twice-audited by independent firms, and new pools and strategies go through multi-stage testing before surfacing to the end user.

Vesper pools are modular, dynamic, and multi-strategy, meaning that yield earning opportunities we build for one token can be ported to another, multiple yield sources are leveraged simultaneously, and new strategies can add-on or replace existing strategies.

Last week, Vesper launched its FRAX pool - ticker: vaFRAX.

Our FRAX pool is integrated with Rari Fuse, Curve-Convex, and Aave. Depositors can send FRAX to the pool, where it then goes to these destinations to fetch yield. The pool is still warming up, as influx of depositors artificially suppress yield, but we’re seeing healthy, double digit base yield on FRAX and anticipate an ability to provide at-least 20% to the end user, indefinitely.

Vesper pools also route through one another, and in the future, we plan to leverage Aave loans to route deposit assets of other pools through FRAX (ie, ETH pool borrows FRAX and deposits to FRAX pool).

We have a lot of aspirations for how our protocols can work together in the future, and we believe a gauge for vaFRAX is a great start.

Our FRAX pool was initially boosted with a small amount of VSP (1,250). If successful, we absolutely plan to co-boost the gauge with additional VSP.

FOR: Add Gauge

AGAINST: Do nothing


Vesper is actually the platform that introduced me to Frax. I had been staking other stables on the vesper platform for the last 9 months with really solid returns. Would love to see more collaboration between the two!

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Big Fan of the Vesper Platform and their professional approach. Would love to see more partnerships between these two communities as I believe there can be alot of synergies in the future… espescially if FRAX needs a safe + secure place to generate yield for its treasury.

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I’m also a fan of Vesper. I think it’ll be a win/win for both protocols and support the proposal.

Looking for an easy option to stake my FRAX without dealing with IL and I would approve this. Found FRAX while hunting for non centralized stablecoin yield through vesper as trusted dox defi service . , I like the option of having a yield earning vaFRAX for my FRAX with a boosted utility VSP token with additional APY, get my FXS emission’s and don’t have to monitor IL with some of the other options … Pls approve and maybe encourage Vesper to add veFXS boosted APY to orbit as next step…

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Proposal here: Snapshot