Where are [FIP - 122] the frxETH protocol fees stored?

Where was [FIP - 122] frxETH Protocol Fee Structure implemented?

[FIP - 122] passed on Oct-31-2022.

It said:

1.) Minimum of 90% of ETH earned rewarded to sfrxETH vault stakers in the form of frxETH
2.) 8% of earned ETH to Frax Protocol treasury in the form of frxETH. This ultimately will be distributed back to FXS holders.
3.) Slashing Insurance Fund: 2% goes into a fund to cover potential slashing events/unforeseen penalties to cover frxETH deposits to effectively keep frxETH overcollateralized at over 100% CR to cover any possible issues/losses.

I am wondering where I can see on-chain where the 8% of ETH earned by the treasury is stored and where the 2% of the slashing fund is stored.

There is no reference or technical documentation about the new slashing fund. I checked

This is what the frxETH balance sheet looks like now. There is no reference to a new frxETH slashing insurance fund.

Could someone point me toward where the slashing fund actually is on-chain?

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