3CRV-->4Pool : Unlock LPs in the sdETH-FraxPut and sdFRAX3CRV-f gauge pools

As many are aware, with the incoming transition from 3CRV to 4Pool, the incentives for one of the longest-standing and most used stable LP pools in DeFI are about to shift. The dominance of 4pool is likely. Thus, I would like to propose that all LPs locked into the (two) StakeDAO FRAX-3CRV gauge pools be unlocked (sdETH-FraxPut and sdFRAX3CRV-f). This will allow current FRAX-3CRV users the option to transition their LPs away from 3CRV and take part in the new-era with 4Pool.

Collectively, there is ~$68.83m locked in these two pools, most of which I feel will likely transition to 4Pool, given the opportunity. I believe this is a fair unlock given the magnitude of the 3CRV–>4Pool transition.

Should this proposal pass, all LPs locked into the two StakeDAO FRAX-gauge pools will be unlocked.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

This certainly didnt age well

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On a related note, StakeDAO have stopped directing rewards to these pools in anticipation of their FXS Liquid Lockers. It is my understanding that StakeDAO hope to have these LPs unlocked, ideally before their FRAX strategies are live (see their Discord for exact wording).

Referencing the recent unlocks for FRAX/SUSHI and FRAX/IQ, the minimal gauge votes received, as well as discussions taking place elsewhere in this subforum (cf: ‘Automatically remove gauges that are not voted for’) I think there is a compelling case to be made that these gauges should be unlocked regardless.

*Full transparency, I have sdETH-FraxPut tokens locked.


The stakeDAO pools have concentrated liquidity (FRAX3Pool on curve) as underlying. The locked concentrated liquidity is helping the protocol keeping peg, so we should not unlock these pools to keep the protocol safe.

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I dont think anyone that locked in these poos has any desire to remove their frax3crv LP entirely, only move it as systems evolve. Based on responses to my ?s in their TG, I do believe they plan to vote for an unlock on these.

Frax paid a triple digit APY to those who locked their LP’s for 3 years and were willing to protect the protocol. If we unlock we will lose this protection, because even if the LP’s might not leave, they will not lock again for tree year given the current APY’s.
The reason we are willing to pay up to 3x the APY for locked liquidity is not because we want people to hang around, but because it is a crucial element in the security design of the protocol.

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I understand your concern, but much like im assuming people will relock, youre making an assumption people wont relock due to market conditions, which is resonable I suppose.

Regardless, even StakeDAO is on board with teansitioning these pools. Everyone who locked in these pools did so because of the attractiveness of the StakeDAO strategy.

StakeDAO is now retiring these pools. Im perfectly fine with the LPs simply being transitioned, however, I dont believe thats easily accomplishable. That being said, I just dont think its reasonable to keep people locked in a retired pool.