Add a FRAX/FXS SpiritSwap Fantom Farm to the gauge


Add a FRAX/FXS SpiritSwap Farm on Fantom to the gauge. Rewards will be in FXS.

Background & Motivation:

Many farmers have been concerned about Ethereum gas prices. Transactions on Fantom are fast and cheap. Additionally, the SpiritSwap team has been incentivizing FRAX/FXS and FRAX/FTM on their own with their SPIRIT token for months now. If this FRAX/FXS gauge is implemented, they could shift their SPIRIT rewards to FRAX/FTM. FRAX/FXS would then emit FXS only. This would help promote FRAX’s goal of expanding to other L2 chains. It would also lock up both FRAX and FXS and increase scarcity.

Development Effort:


would it not be better to just add both pools to the gauge ?