Add Curve BobrCRV/wfrxETH to the FXS gauge controller on Fraxtal

Proposal Overview:

Proposal to add BobrCRV/wfrxETH pool to the FXS gauge controller

CURVEBOBR is a fancoin for enthusiasts of the Curve ecosystem, decentralization, and cryptocurrency.

BobrCRV Initiative:

BobrCRV is an initiative by members of the CURVE community and the first memcoin born in the ecosystem. The goal of the project is to raise awareness of CURVE and all projects in its ecosystem by encouraging the publication of educational and engaging content. As a result, it aims to increase media attention (i.e., hype) and boost retail interest.

Significance for the Fraxtal Blockchain:

Adding the BobrCRV/wfrxETH pool to the FXS gauge controller will not only benefit the CURVE ecosystem and the BobrCRV fancoin but also the Fraxtal blockchain. This initiative will help attract additional liquidity to the network, educate new users on interacting with the Fraxtal blockchain, and enhance the media presence and recognition of the network among a wider audience. Implementing this proposal represents a step towards expanding the use and popularity of the Fraxtal blockchain, providing new opportunities for ecosystem participants and contributing to the further development of the network.

Token Distribution:

Free Distribution: BobrCRV tokens will be freely distributed to active Curve community members who apply by December 31, 2023.

Distribution Method: Based on application and group snapshots at the time of the announcement.

Current Status: ~30% of the token supply distributed among community members (airdrop) and IGO (Initial gauge offering)

Future Use of Remaining Tokens: To maintain liquidity and attract new participants for CURVE ecosystem engagement and liquidity pool bribes.

Future Developments:

Planned launch of veBobrCRV and BobrDAO.

The rest of the plans can be seen in the project’s whitepaper at the following link: White Paper of CURVEBOBR Token

Motivation for Gauge Support:

Attract liquidity providers.

Maintain sustainability of the BobrCRV fancoin offering.


BobrCurve DAO multisig eth:0x6365812968f1112b90B5D43c25B742e03D9043f9

Signers 3/6. Michael Egorov (Curve), Chago (StakeDAO), Sextilion, Phil (Zunami), Nik (BobrCurve), ykplayer8.

Community Support:

Confirmed support from community members.

Confirmations available in chat groups: Telegram CRV Traders, Telegram StakeDAO, Telegram CRV Russian Chat, twiiter CurveCap], and others.

Pool and Gauge Details:

Pool name: CURVEBOBR Pool

Pool Address: 0x5f0985a8aad85e82fd592a23cc0501e4345fb18c

Gauge Address: 0x4383d2db58668d13b1bad31a54495de06d06b329

Useful Links:

[BobrCRV Website]

BobrCRV Telegram: bobrcrv


BobrCRV DUNE: openb0x/curvebobr-or-the-fan-token-for-the-curve

Token Addresses:

Fraxtal: 0x3facf94d4242fd9526a6216ea9c10842bd1f307a

Ethereum: 0x8f22779662ad253844013d8e99eccb4d80e31417

Arbitrum: 0xF12132857fb45b1F1342420EaAF818509F850468


For: Add the BobrCRV/wfrxETH pool to the FXS gauge controller

Against: Do nothing