[FIP - 234] Add swETH/frxETH Curve pool to FXS gauge controller

Proposal to add swETH/frxETH to FXS gauge controller

Curve Pool Address: https://curve.fi/#/ethereum/pools/factory-crypto-247/deposit

Pool : 0x67e0bdbe0a2c5999a60d048f50e794218056b767
Token : 0xe49addc2d1a131c6b8145f0eba1c946b7198e0ba


Swell is a strong advocate of Frax’s positive sum game of incentivising frxETH pairs. Being part of the Wethr Program would bring the Swell and Frax community together, helping us both grow and move towards a more decentralised future.

Pairing with frxETH will also deepen both swETHs liquidity as well as frxETH liquidity. We see this as a win-win and is why we are applying for this FXS gauge.


  • For: Add the swETH/frxETH to FXS gauge controller
  • Against: Do nothing
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This proposal is up for voting here: Snapshot