Add Snowball S4D (on Avalanche) to the gauge


Add a Snowball S4D farm on Avalanche to the gauge. Rewards will be in FXS.

Background & Motivation:

S4D is a stablecoin swap pool akin to Saddle and Curve, with lower slippage between stablecoins. Another analogue is what mStable is doing, and the existing mUSD/FRAX Polygon gauge.

Many farmers have been concerned about Ethereum gas prices. Transactions on Avalanche are fast and cheap. Additionally, the Snowball team has been incentivizing FRAX on their own with their SNOB token for months now.

This would help promote FRAX’s goal of expanding to other L2 chains. It would also lock up FRAX and bring more of it, as well as FXS, to the Avalanche ecosystem.

Development Effort:


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how would this bring more FXS to AVAX?