[FIP - 197] Add frxETH/WETH (Polygon) to the FXS gauge controller


Jack Melnick (@jackmelnick_ / Polygon)

Background & Motivation:

Diversification of frxETH liquidity outside Ethereum.


Balancer is becoming a leader in LSD pools across all networks, with staked assets as a key focus, and is hence a natural choice to create a liquidity sink for frxETH on Polygon. By diversifying frxETH liquidity beyond Ethereum, it allows the wider DeFi community to gain access to the Frax ecosystem.

About the pool:

This pool uses Balancer’s stable pool factory and contains FRAX’s wrapped ethereum token,Frax eth (frxETH) bridged via Frax Ferry and WETH.


Balancer Pool: 0x5DEe84FfA2DC27419Ba7b3419d7146E53e4F7dEd

Balancer Gauge: 0xEF3B68D9B6f44EeF2F6ea3d47D6e97707BF14189


For: Add frxETH/WETH (Polygon) to the FXS gauge controller

Against: Do nothing.


This proposal is up for voting here: Snapshot