[FIP - 310] Add Curve pxETH/frxETH to FXS Gauge Controller


Add Convex pxETH/frxETH LP token to FXS gauge controller

Curve Pool Address: www.curve.fi/#/ethereum/pools/factory-stable-ng-29/deposit
Pool / Token: 0xe2ed1dac3a9547bc6057e32bf8133b5268d7d987
Gauge: 0x277d1424a84B35ec0a8108482551b00b4fc1539b
Website: dineroismoney.com and redacted.finance
Twitter: twitter.com/redactedcartel
Documentation: docs.redacted.finance/ and Dinero Docs


pxETH is ETH liquid staking token (“LST”) developed by the Redacted Protocol as part of its Dinero Protocol offering. It is a liquid and fungible receipt token for ETH deposited into the Dinero protocol which is then staked and used to run validators for the Ethereum network. Users can deposit their pxETH into an auto compounding pxETH vault in exchange for an apxETH vault token which benefits from Ethereum staking rewards and other revenue forms such as MEV tips and block rewards. Future apxETH yield and pxETH withdrawals can be tokenized and used within DeFi. Further details about pxETH and apxETH can be found in the whitepaper here.

pxETH can be redeemed for ETH from the Dinero protocol either instantaneously for ETH which has yet to be staked or via ETH which is unstaked from validators. In the future, an incentivized withdrawal pool will facilitate quicker pxETH withdrawals from the protocol especially when there is an ETH unstaking queue and/or adverse market conditions.


To provide additional immediate pxETH liquidity, the Redacted DAO is incentivizing DEX liquidity for pxETH, using governance power in its treasury and BTRFLY bribes. Redacted has a long and close relationship with Frax - it has one of the largest DAO FXS holdings and has a veFXS bribe market on hidden.hand, Redacted’s bribe market.

Given this close relationship, pairing frxETH on LPs makes immediate sense, and would allow Redacted to have a closer relationship with Frax whilst helping grow its pxETH product, together with frxETH.


  • For: Add the pxETH/frxETH Curve pool to the FXS gauge controller
  • Against: Do nothing.

Snapshot voting: [FIP - 310] Add Curve pxETH/frxETH to FXS Gauge Controller