Building Front End / Dashboards For FRAX

Wanted to start a conversation here about building tools, apps, or dashboards that can be beneficial to the frax ecosystem. Ideally, we can get some community members to build some of this (ill gladly contribute), and not have to bother the core devs with anything non-protocol related.

Let’s start collecting ideas here.

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This would be fantastic! I’d highly support this.

In fact, I think the most important dashboard needed for FRAX is a “Global State Dashboard” which keeps track of total global liquidity, CR, DR, and FRAX+FXS supply across all chains that we’re deployed in. That would help people see the total view of how well the protocol is doing.

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i got started with a couple things

1 - Added projects pages for FRAX/FXS on Dune, FXS dashboards and analytics. I’ll try to add more queries to the dashboard, but if anyone wants me to populate something, let me know!

2 - Been playing around with a frontend homepage at It’s still a work in progress, but it’s out!

I’m currently building a streaming-based onchain data warehouse as a service, and would be open to onboarding frax usecases as a starting point. The proof of concept I am building is going to be monitoring stablecoin flows in realtime.

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a clear and simple FRAX app would be ideal :slight_smile:

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