Frax Analytics Proposal


I work with PYOR, a blockchain analytics firm backed by Coinbase and Castle Island Ventures. We have worked with protocols like Compound, Tezos, Quickswap, and ICP to build custom analytics dashboards and research reports.

We have worked very closely with the foundation/community to cater to their data needs, as we’ve realized that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, it varies based on the protocol’s stage and needs.

Wanted to check with the Frax community/foundation to understand what metrics/data points you track or would like to track, so we can build dashboards/reports that cover these metrics. Happy to share our past work as well so you can gauge our capabilities.


have you seen ? What other analytics would you want to provide.

Hey, after your query I went on to understand more about Frax and I found out some critical gaps

Fraxtal still doesn’t have a proper dashboard, which can be seen here: About Fraxtal | Fraxtal Docs which could hinder the protocol with lack of data.

if Frax has been planning to perform something we could help that by making or creating it in the Dune platform, if you think you want that integrated it your website we could probably do that,
Furthermore, if we could get more data, we could understand better and help make the protocol better.

PS: FRAXSWAP hasn’t had proper:

  1. User metrics New Traders, Cumulative Traders, Daily Traders, DAU/MAU, Swaps per Trader, Average Transaction Value, Average transaction value per user
  2. market metrics (based on asset price): volatility and correlation(to other assets like USDT, BTC), etc.
  3. Retention tables
    we understand that these metrics don’t help the business much but could help the community understand protocol better.

Hey Samuel McCulloch, I wanted to check in to see if you read the message.

let me know if you have any further questions.