Business development

Hi guys,

it is a real shame that Frax has practically no business development which leads to missed opportunities which could have created substantial value for FXS holders (think of EigenLayer).

I understand that whole frax ecosystem is decentralized and everyone is welcomed to deploy whatever they want, but I strongly believe that business development would bring substantial value at marginal costs.

I propose that I will take care of it. I will monitor business opportunities and actively propose at least 3 business development opportunities per month.

I understand that for you I might be nobody, but if you do not vote for me, please find someone who will do it. All I want to see is prosperity for whole frax ecosystem and for that you need business development.

What would you say to following proposal?

Price: 1k FXS / month
Contract Duration: 3 months for start, after it is renewed for another 12 months
Business development opportunities: At least 3 per month each with potential to create at least 100k USD in value