Compensate work done on the Dune dashboard

Hey everyone,

for some of the past time I have been working on a Dune dashboard for Frax (Dune) and I’d like to request to the community a form of compensation for the work done, I agree that this should have been presented beforehand, so in case of some doubt if this should be done I’d understand.

The dashboard currently shows Ethereum information only, which includes the distribution of Frax accross addresses and contracts, information about the treasury in stablecoins, crypto native assets and their changes, buybacks and burns performed through FIP1599, information about veFXS, total staked amount per time-frame, information about FXS holders and distribution of FXS across addresses and contracts, and finally information about the biggest FXS holders.

To establish a compensation ammount I think good references are these:

Based on this and my subjective view of the total work done I think that a fair compensation would be of 850 FXS, equivalent to $12000 with current FXS price of $14.

Regarding continued work on the dashboard, I know that there remains a lot of important information to be presented and it is crucial to present cross-chain data, but at the time, it kind of saddens me that I think the best for me is to take some really needed time-off. I plan to finish some more small details that I have in mind and after that significantly reduce the time I spend working on the dashboard, and instead be available for maintance modifications, such as moving funds arround or adding new funds.
I really want to be an active member and contributor to Frax, but I think right now I should prioritize other stuff, but expect to come back with more motivation in some time.

Thank every1, glad to hear any comments or regards u may have about the proposal.


sounds good to me.

i would like to agree on the on going cost for the dashboard upkeep at the same time.

maybe $1k a month for the up keep of the dashboard going forward ?

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The compensation Seems fair to me.

Also with Aiden’s request for an agreed on number for maintenance

It’s too bad you’re burned out on this project. I think the dune dashboard is really important for the community

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I support this proposal. Thank you for making this very useful dashboard Seba!

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thanks aidan, i hadnt thought about the maintenance part. maybe when i do the snapshot i should add 3 options: 850 fxs, 850 fxs + $1000 monthly, nah

Snapshot for proposal voting. Regardless of the results i was wanna add that i intend to keep updated the information currently shown!

Nice! I totally support this proposal and think the terms as well as upkeep cost is reasonable. One thing to note for recurring expenses/grants is that I typically recommend that the duration for anything that is recurring default to 6 months maximum unless it is specified. This is so that recurring expenses always have a re-evaluation period. That’s what I typically write in my own gov proposals, 6 month recurring vote unless specified for longer/shorter.

I will be voting yes with recurring upkeep grant :slight_smile: ideally for 6 months then re-vote to renew.

@seba - thank you for everything that you’ve done. The Dune dashboard has been a huge help.

I support this. I agree with @samkazemian - I’ve supported the maintenance option with the understanding that we can reassess down the road.

Thanks everyone who supported, I’m really glad it passed and I’ll continue mantaining it as necessary and try to keep contributing to the Frax protocol in other ways.
For future reference, since my proposal the FXS price has more than tripled, for this reason we settled the $12.000 quoted at a 7-day average price, half of which will be added to my personal wallet veFXS that is locked for 4 years. Finally we agreed for an additional $1.000 per month for the upkeep costs, which will be run for the months of February, March and April, after this period there will be a reevaluation to decide whether the grant for the maitenance cost will be extended.

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