[FIP - 208] Frax Ecosystem Educational Incentives


DeFi Dave and Nader Ghazvini


Authorize a maximum of $10k per month (3 months) for KPI-based incentives for educational/marketing content related to the Frax ecosystem and have Flywheel manage submissions.


In January 2023, under the suggestion of Frax core team member Nader, we removed incentives from our original grant proposal.

We believe now is the time for such a program to be put in place, not just for Flywheel but for all content creators in the Frax community. There is still much to be done in terms of educating the wider DeFi ecosystem and beyond about Frax, and proliferating quality content is a good starting point.

Proposal Details

We propose a maximum allocation of $30k for three months (max $10k per month) in educational/marketing content about the Frax ecosystem. Flywheel will receive a fee of 12.5% of the grants distributed in FXS for administering the program.

  • Categories of content include written, video, or infographic.

  • Suggestions of content include FRAX, frxETH, FRAXBP, FPI, Frax Primitives (Fraxlend, Fraxswap, Fraxferry), etc.

  • Submissions of content are to be managed by the Flywheel team based on quality and relevance to the Frax ecosystem.

  • Frax core team will have final approval of which content is rewarded or rejected.

  • Incentives will be paid in FXS

  • Incentives will be paid at the end of each month in a first-come, first-served manner. If the monthly paid incentives reached the cap, the rest of the queue would be considered for the next month.

Category Platform Indicator Reward
Written Miscellaneous Publish an article directed at a beginner audience $250
Written Miscellaneous Publish an article directed at an intermediate/advanced audience $250
Video YouTube Reach 1,000 views on a video $250
Video YouTube Reach 10,000 views on a video $500
Infographic Twitter Reach 10,000 views on a single infographic $250
Infographic Twitter Reach 50,000 views on a single infographic $500
Thread Twitter Reach 10,000 views on a single thread of at least 8 tweets $250
Thread Twitter Reach 50,000 views on a single thread of at least 8 tweets $500


  • Authorization of Frax Ecosystem Educational Incentives

  • Do Nothing


Great idea. Flywheel is how I really learned about Frax. Need a way to connect to new people, get greater adoption.

Hey all, I am considering adding an amendment regarding incentivizing dune dashboard creation. The details are as follows:

  • Apply to create a dune dashboard with at least 4 query visualizations that has information that is not available on Frax Facts.

  • Dashboard creators submit proposed dashboards and are accepted at the discretion of Flywheel with final approval from the Frax core team.

  • Grants are rewarded upon completion and will be denominated FXS or FPIS. Grant sizes will range from $2500- $10000.


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After some thinking, I propose adding the following category as follows:

Category Platform Indicator Reward
Dashboard Dune Analytics Build a dashboard with least 4 query visualizations that has information that is not available on Frax Facts. $500-$1500

Pibblez here from Blockworks Research. I think that this is a great initiative to continue to expand Frax’s presence. Flywheel has done an excellent job at spreading awareness. Thanks for drafting it up Dave!


As a dune wizard, I really like the proposal for the dune dashboard.
I also believe its very important for the ongoing maintenance of the dashboards to also be part of the agreement, not just building of the dashboard alone. Often times dashboards break because either a parameter is changed (or simply a new pool is added) by the protocol or an update from Dune renders some code obsolete.


Fair point, I think the point of the proposal here is to get the dune dashboards live.

After the dune dashboards are live, we can have a different proposal for maintenance and give out separate grants for that that are streamed via llamapay.

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This proposal is up for voting here: Snapshot