Creation of Frax Finance Español

Very Good morning Fraximalists, this is Dimitri Orga from Spain,

As a good FXS holder, I want to increase the number of Spanish-speaking users who know how to use the Frax protocol to improve their lives.

I am an engineer that have been in the crypto ecosystem for a little over 2 years, I am also professor in DeFi in the most important training centres in Spain, I have my own Online Academy and also a well-established network of connections throughout Spain and LATAM.

I would love if all FXS holders could support me so that the Frax Core can give me the green light to create 3 new Spanish channels and increase the number of users who know how to use the protocol:

  • Linkedin: Frax Finance Español
  • Twitter: Frax Finance Español
  • Youtube: Frax Finance Español

I currently have a team of 5 people working with me and we could tackle everything related to raising awareness of the Frax protocol, organising events, training, marketing and social media management for the Spanish speaking market.

For me it would be a great satisfaction to be able to assume the role of Ambassador of Frax Finance (Spain + LATAM), currently I don’t need to be paid anything, as I can live with the passive income that DeFi generates.

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Hi Sir, It is great to hear that, and it is really good news for us to have community members like you; I believe you should feel free to create Frax-related channels (they will not be the official ones) and maybe, in the future, become our Spanish-speaking advocate like Flywheel. Also, we recently passed a budget for educational content creation; maybe you can be part of that.
FIP - 208 - Frax Ecosystem Educational Incentives

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