FIP 80- Podcast and Media Grant

FIP 80- Podcast and Media Grant


DeFi Dave


Grant $18,000 worth of FXS and FRAX (split 50/50) for a 3 month period for funding a Frax-centric media effort that covers protocol developments as well as interviews prominent players within the ecosystem.


We propose that the Frax DAO take the first step in increasing awareness of the Frax protocol in order to better educate the wider community, clear and more effectively proliferate narratives to the wider crypto space. This proposal will help fund:

  • Flywheel, a Frax-focused podcast dedicated to interviewing and shining a light on members of the Frax community including core team devs, outside contributors, large stakeholders, and everyone in between.
  • A weekly Twitter space, the Frax Town Square, dedicated to discussing Frax governance proposals and hosting authors of those proposals to make their case to the community
  • Fraxcast, a weekly news roundup of everything happening in the ecosystem including stats, developments, partnerships, etc.

Costs associated with each episode will cover subscription expenses and labor hours spent prepping, recording, editing, and distributing content.

Flywheel made its global premiere June 9th, 2022. You can keep up with Flywheel on Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple.

The people behind this initiative include:

  • Sam McCulloch (@ssmccul) who is a long-time member of the Frax community and has had a podcast of his own. Sam will be the lead and producer for the unit and will act as producer to both shows as well as co-host the Frax Town Square.
  • DeFi Dave (@davesaidthat_) who is a Day Zero Fraximalist and has hosted a podcast in the past, The DeFi Scoop. He will co-host both Flywheel and Frax Town Square.
  • kapital_k (0xkapital_k) who is a DeFi/Gaming/Tokenomics enthusiast and Frax supporter who has researched the protocol deeply.


It has become common practice for platforms and protocols to have their own media initiatives to keep members of their community informed and engaged. Protocols that have had podcasts in the past include Olympus DAO, Redacted, and others. These niche podcasts play an important role by providing color to what is happening at the bleeding edges of financial innovation in each of their respected corners of DeFi. In the Frax ecosystem alone, their are numerous developments happening that it is hard to keep track of all the progress.

Sam Kazemian has done an excellent job championing the Frax ecosystem by going on countless podcasts, spaces, and everything in between over the past few years. Yet, the Frax ecosystem is growing to become much bigger than Sam and the core team alone. Numerous contributors and commentators have arisen that can and will continue to advance the Frax forward into the future.


  • Grant $18,000 worth of FXS and FRAX to fund media activities
  • Do Nothing

Big fan of this proposal! If community aren’t getting value for money they can not renew funding after 3 months

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i see this being a very 1 sided vote. :slight_smile:

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Support this proposal 100%! Especially since it includes “Frax Town Square” that focuses on governance proposals. This is much needed imo.

Vote is live! Snapshot