FRAX-BIT2Me Partnership

:bulb: Summary:

The goal of this proposal is to convey the benefits of listing Frax Share in Bit2me. Our listing approach is focused on telling the story of the project and token(s) by detailing the real-life applications and benefits that it provides to its users.

Bit2me is the nº1 Spanish Suite Platform and the largest crypto academy in the Spanish-speaking world. As such, we believe that Frax DAO can greatly benefit from establishing a greater foothold in the Spanish and Latin American markets.

:white_small_square:About Bit2me:

Founded in 2014, Bit2me is the leading platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies in the Spanish-speaking markets. Key numbers/figures:

  • 4.5M Alumni in Bit2me Academy (45% Latam, 30% Spain, 25% Europe)
  • 600k exchange users (20% growth MoM)
  • €150M assets in custody, with a 200% Growth YTD
  • 145 Cryptocurrencies. Expected +200 by Y/E 2022
  • Presence in over 100 countries

Key developments: Bit2me is a fully regulated exchange

  • Bit2me is the first exchange to be authorized by the Central Bank of Spain to provide white label services to Spanish banks.
  • Is in possession of the License for Electronic Money (Licencia de dinero electrónico - EDE) granted by the Central Bank of Spain, the EDE license is compliant with both local and international AML and KYC requirements.

:white_small_square:Benefits (of listing) for the Frax Community:

Bringing crypto to the masses stands out as one of Bit2me’s core objectives. To that effect, it offers free means and tools for inexperienced users to be able to start their journey in the crypto space. From using the Bit2me Academy to the Bit2me Wallet, and then moving up to Bit2me Pro (trading platform), the user is offered a full crypto service.

By listing in Bit2me, Frax will be able to tap into the Spanish-speaking market, establish a foothold that it can build upon over the medium to long term, and thus grow a strong, loyal and vibrant community.

Moreover, our focus when incorporating a new token in the exchange is centered around conveying its real-life applications and use cases to our audience through an extensive media package.

:white_small_square:Proposal terms:

We help your project be recognized, valued, and understood. So, how do we tell the story of a new project? :mega:

:black_small_square: Wallet/Exchange listing
:black_small_square: 4 Social Media Announcements
:black_small_square: A set of explanatory videos:

  • Explanatory Video - What is your token?
  • How to buy your token video
  • AMA video - we interview your guy

:black_small_square:Email communications:

  • 1 email blast to our users
  • 1 newsletter highlight to our +500k subscribers

:black_small_square:Featured article in Bit2me academy - highlighted for 7 days on the Academy’s homepage

The price for the promotional package is: 100k FRAX + VAT, if applicable

:white_small_square:Previous projects’ metrics of success:

:black_small_square:The expected reach per tweet is from 4.5k to 6.5k and 5% CTR.
:black_small_square:Expected views on Bit2me’s YouTube channel (75K subs)

  • $TON case: Explanatory Video - What is TON? 120k views
  • $Chainlink case: AMA video 6.5k views

:black_small_square:520k newsletter recipients, with an open rate of 26%, and 5.1% CTR
:black_small_square:500k monthly visits to Bit2me Academy.

  • Example: $Toncoin did 7.8k views in the 1st day and over 60k in the 1st week.

The Frax ecosystem can greatly benefit from these media initiatives and consolidate its presence in the Spanish and Latin American crypto markets. We believe there is great synergy between Frax’s mission and that of Bit2me and we’re eager to share the Frax project with our community in the most transparent and earnest way possible.

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$100k seems like a lot of money.

Your exchange also seems to have a pretty bad trust score and very lower visitor numbers.

generally speaking FRAX does not pay for listings or promotion other then a very small budget for funding the “flywheel” podcasts thats created by FRAX enthusiasts / investors.

it also seems odd that your not listed on coingecko and coinmarketcap says you only have 4 coins on your exchange.

im also interested how you increased your custody assets by 200% (during a pretty big bear market) and what your doing with them funds.

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Hi @sparkes25, I see you are referencing Bit2me Pro, which is our newly released high frequency trading platform. Hence, the so far low visitor score. This is one of our latest products, which is intended to satisfy our more experienced user base. There are currently nine pairs, however, by the end of 2023 there will be over 100 pairs available.

Bit2me’s main product is its wallet, in which there are currently more than 140 tokens listed. There will be +350 tokens expected by the end of 2023. The Bit2me wallet is the de facto tool our predominantly inexperienced user base uses to start investing in the crypto space.

What we are proposing is a listing of FRAX in both our wallet, as well as in the trading platform, so that all levels of users can benefit from FRAX in our platform. As mentioned, this can become a great opportunity for the FRAX DAO to gain traction in our Spanish-speaking user base.

In regards to the pricing, we usually engage in negotiation rounds that satisfy both parties. In this case, we are open to suggestions on how to proceed with this discussion.

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can you give details on all the other coins you have made promotion packages for as it seems the TONcoin video is an exception to the norm.

TONcoin has about 120k views on your youtube channel , but most videos on the channel are getting way less with some only getting a few hundred views.

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You are correct in pointing out that TONcoin is our most successful case. We appreciate you mentioning this, because is sheds light on a very important factor to take into consideration. TONcoin did a great job at their end of pushing Bit2me’s content on their channels as well. This created a great synergy between Bit2me’s marketing efforts and TONcoin’s as well. At the end, the more you showcase the content created by Bit2me for FRAX, the more successful the listing will be.

Lastly, we believe it’s also worth emphasizing that Bit2me is authorized to grant white label services to Spanish banks. Very shortly, Bit2me will star allowing Spanish banks to offer digital assets to it’s customers through our CEX. This is going to have a profound impact into the potential reach that your token can have.