LATOKEN CEX received many request from the community (3M+) to list FRAX. It seemed that FRAX was in high demand among traders. We have watched the FRAX project for some time (2 Months) and we finally decided to list FRAX for FREE.

We kindly suggest to launch some (2) co-marketing activities ($1K in tokens) each in order to attract our community to buy and HOLD FRAX. We do promotional activities with all new listed projects as some members of our community are not aware of the NEW listing.

Option 1. GiveAway ($1k in tokens) with a mandatory buying task. Generates thousand of social mentions. 1M impressions, triggers, conversations about the project, and can get specific keyword trending on social media

Option 2. Trading Competition. ($4k in tokens) Allow you to Increase the daily trading volume of FRAX by 1M usdt and get thousands of new traders.

Option 3. Combo Activity: GiveAway+ Trading competition

Please note, according to our contract, funds are only used to reward participants/traders.
Please support our proposal. We believe in a win-win cooperation.
Thank you,

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