[FIP- 254] Frax Ecosystem Educational Incentives Program Amendments


DeFi Dave and Nader Ghazvini


Amend the Frax Ecosystem Educational Incentives and extend the program through the end of the year.


FRAXBP dashboard that was submitted to the program.

Thread addressing frxETH critiques that was submitted

Intermediate article regarding the Frax ecosystem

The Frax Ecosystem Education Program has been quite successful the past two months in rallying researchers, writers, and dashboard creators in proliferating content about the protocol. After observing submissions and the evolving needs of the type of awareness that we want to prioritize, we would like to make several changes.

Proposal Details

We propose to make the following amendments:

  • Last month, we saw the monthly allocation surpass its limit of $10k to $12.25k. We used $2.25k from Month 3 to pay Month 2 participants fully. This will leave $7.75k allocated for Month 3. To address this issue, we propose implementing a dynamic reward system, capped by a reward table. However, in instances where the monthly budget is surpassed, the rewards will be reduced proportionally to the exceedance ratio. This ensures that each month’s budget remains within the allocated limit.

  • Extend the program for another 6 months starting after the end of Month 3, July 12th, with allocation of $12k per month.

  • In the past two months, we’ve observed a high level of participation in the written category, a decent level of engagement in the thread category, and a lower participation rate in the video category. Given this trend, we propose to re-balance the reward structure.

    • Decrease rewards for both written article categories from $250 to $100
    • Decrease rewards for Twitter thread categories from $250 to $200 and $500 to $400
    • Decrease infographic rewards from $250 to $150 and $500 to $300
    • Change the video category from being “reach 10,000 views on a video” to “create tutorial video about anything Frax related” and have the reward be $250. The video category of reaching 1,000 views on a video remains the same.
  • Over the past two months, we have seen decent participation in dashboard creation. However, we have also observed instances of duplicated efforts and submissions of dashboards that do not provide substantial value. To enhance the efficiency and quality of submissions in this category, we propose introducing a pre-approval step for ideas before their application. This means that before embarking on the creation of a dashboard, participants will first submit their ideas for approval.

Category Platform Indicator Reward
Dashboard Dune Analytics Build a dashboard with at least 4 query visualizations that has information that is not available on Frax Facts. $500- $1500
Written Miscellaneous Publish an article directed at a beginner audience $100
Written Miscellaneous Publish an article directed at an intermediate/advanced audience $100
Video YouTube Reach 1,000 views on a video explaining Frax $250
Video YouTube Create a tutorial about a Frax ecosystem primitive or stablecoin $250
Thread Twitter Reach 10,000 views on a single thread of at least 8 tweets $200
Thread Twitter Reach 50,000 views on a single thread of at least 8 tweets $400
Infographic Twitter Reach 10,000 views on a single infographic $150
Infographic Twitter Reach 50,000 views on a single infographic $300


  • Authorize Frax Education Program amendments and extension
  • Do Nothing
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This proposal is up for voting here: Snapshot