Destribute some of the AMOs profits to FRAX holders

Not sure what is the best way to implement this, but the average crypto user just wants to hold stablecoins for their stability. A fully collateralized stablecoin is still perceived as safer and therefore might always have an advantage over FRAX. One way to differentiate FRAX from other stables is to distribute some of the interest to the FRAX holders themselves as opposed to the current situation in which only FXS holders benefit. If by holding FRAX you would be entitled to some of the profits, it would be a great value proposition for users and would also compensate them for the risk of holding a non-fully collateralized stable. No need to stake, no need to lock. You have FRAX in your wallet? Get interest.
Sorry if this has been suggested/discussed before. Could not find it anywhere.

OUSD ( by Origin Protocol has been implementing a similar mechanism. This might be the way to grow. It’s the best value proposition a stablecoin could offer after stability.

You can already earn interest by depositing your FRAX in a Rari Fuse pool: Rari Portal
Currently at 10% APY.


Yes but that’s not the point…

FRAX holders can already earn over 100% for staking them in a stable - stable pair with almost no risk of IL.

this is far more then other stable coin staking options return.

i see no reason to reward FRAX holders more just for holding a stable coin.

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This is a clever idea. It would generate organic value to the stable. Distribution handling could be odd, but I could see this being a novel way to get people to use FRAX as a stable of choice; I sometimes have stables just sitting in my wallet idle, why not gather some yield on them?

anyone that has any meaningful amount can deposit funds in to a pool and earn interest. this helps FRAX protocol as it increases the usage of FRAX in other protocols.

if they dont have a meaningful amount then the rewards they earn will be less then the gas cost to claim them, so they will go unclaimed.

Fair point. It would be more of a lazy man’s way of earning while just holding the coin, without the risk of depositing into a pool. It’s a gimmick of sorts, but it would probably help generate interest in holding FRAX. Even if it gen’d a few %, I’d hold it in lieu of other stables probably.

but you understand the money has to come from somewhere. right now all the earnings go to veFXS holders who are mostly long term locked investors.

Of course I understand; not advocating for this idea other than saying that the idea of a stable that throws off its own yield is very unique.

And yes, as a veFXS holder I know where the earnings go.