Eternity RPG x Frax


Hi everyone, I’m North from Eternity. :wave:

Eternity is a Play2Earn RPG being developed to work across a variety of chains (FTM, AVAX, and Polygon initially).

Eternity features:

  • Real-time Combat
  • Extensive Character Stats
  • Advanced Combat AI
  • Campaigns, Quests, and Adventures
  • NFT items and Heroes
  • A Custom Soundtrack

And so much more!

Relevant Medium Posts for Eternity:

1/ Introduction to Eternity

In terms of gameplay, the closest thing that exists on the blockchain today vs. Eternity is Axie Infinity.

Why Frax?
We’ve put together a partnership proposal deck/PDF which details how we would like to work with Frax.

The **tl;dr version of the deck is: ** We love Frax and we believe that we can help Frax continue to grow/expand its ecosystem by offering items and characters in-game which require Frax. If there is interest from your side, we would also love to talk about designing a custom character that is associated with Frax which players can obtain exclusively through using the Frax token. Examples of our characters, gameplay and artwork can be found on our Twitter: @eternityrpg (and also in the deck).

Eternity also has a non-inflationary bonding mechanism incorporated in-game. This mechanism is similar to Olympus, with the difference being that when a player bonds their token in Eternity, they receive Glory which can be staked for experience potions. Our goal in offering and focusing on experience potions as an outcome of Eternity is two-fold: 1/ this helps us to control the supply of $GLORY entering the ecosystem (bonds are only available for limited periods of time), 2/ this pushes more value into the player-owned NFTs. The Eternity Economy article associated with our medium above describes this in-depth.

Tell me more about your team

Our core team built Augury Finance last year. I am currently a member of the Polygon Ecosystem DAO/Polygon Builders (associated with Augury). We have built several products on-chain and expanded our team to help create Eternity. We’re planning on launching Eternity at the end of this quarter.

If what I wrote sparks your interest, then let’s chat further.

Thank you for your time.


Hey thanks for taking the time to write this. Can you explain further what exactly you are looking to do here. So you want to create a Frax character that can only be accessed with Frax? Are you doing this with other communities as well?

A few more questions. When do you plan on launching? What are some key concepts that make you different from other P2E games? Are there ways that FRAX could be more deeply integrated into your in-game economy?


I appreciate your response! Let me answer the questions:

So you want to create a Frax character that can only be accessed with Frax? Are you doing this with other communities as well?

Absolutely! We would like to create a character that can be obtained through both Frax and FXS. Yes, we are currently in discussions with the founders and/or representatives of several well-known crypto communities on FTM, AVAX, and Polygon. Unfortunately, these talks haven’t happened in a public space, but I would be more than happy to share the names with you privately (alternatively, some of these agreements will likely become public over the next month, so I can provide an update then as well).

When do you plan on launching?

We’re planning on launching towards the end of March. Our plan is to run our beta test beginning in late February, and then iterate on the platform a bit as we gather data from our users.

What are some key concepts that make you different from other P2E games?

I’m really excited that you asked this question (and your next one as well) :slight_smile: :

Having spent quite a bit of time in the P2E space and having played many of the products on the BSC as well as other chains, the primary thing that I’ve found is that many of the current games are not games at all. When thinking about RPG games, many of the blockchain ones function as a simple dice roll, where you have a rendered image of a monster → press an attack button → wait for the game to calculate some results → win or lose.

The other type of “game” that I’ve seen is one that’s really just “staking”. You stake a character and you wait for a timer to run out to receive some reward. Many of these products appear to focus almost entirely on the reward system and they fail to actually implement any gameplay. The same can be said for some of the products which have high-end trailers showing dynamic combat and exploration, but when you get into the game your quickly find out that it’s just a webpage where very little gameplay can actually be accomplished. Building an actual game is the hard part of the “GameFi” equation, and I think that’s why certain products focus on the staking aspects and not the actual game.

There are some games that have done an incredible job at integrating the blockchain into their operations. Axie Infinity (turn-based game) and Gods Unchained (card-based game) are two brilliant examples of games that are focused on the gameplay first. Defi Kingdoms is going to get there eventually as well, as their roadmap continues to push them towards a more interactive experience.

Our game plays like Final Fantasy, Axie Infinity, and/or RAID Online. The genre is different than Axie, and one of our key competitive advantages is that we are building this to work across chains while also allowing people to group up with their friends regardless of origin. You could have someone playing the game on AVAX and someone else playing the game on FTM. They can both interact with the game world in the same way.

Internally, we like to call this a “frictionless experience”, just because we want people to be able to join Eternity regardless of the chain that they’re on. We’re starting to see the early fruits of our labor play out on this effort, as new people join our community without any previous blockchain experience. Eternity is becoming a touchpoint for people new to the crypto world.

The other thing that we’re aiming to accomplish here is to bring some of the best communities together in a format that truly embodies the spirit of “We’re all going to make it”. By working with people like yourself and integrating your community’s token into our game, we can grow together.

Of course, this brings us to the last point regarding deep integration:

This could absolutely be accomplished. The characters/items are two pieces of the puzzle, but deep integration could happen through: custom Frax branded battlegrounds; tournaments incorporating your token; Frax bonds being integrated into our treasury; and/or Frax being a premiere currency within the game (e.g. a user wants to buy something off of one of our marketplaces; show them the price in Frax).

We have no shortage of ideas when it comes to how we could partner on Eternity.

Again, I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to ask these questions.

Thank you



I’m Dirk, also with the project. Regarding your last question on integration, I think there are three great ways that can happen:

  1. Partnership on a joint element of design (i.e. Characters, a specific Frax designed dungeon, etc)
  2. Exclusive items that only Frax can be used to purchase
  3. Utilize Frax as both a liquidity pair for our token Glory, along with a token that can be bonded into our treasury to produce Glory (which is a key token that helps you level faster, access end game content, and end game item/characters).

On top of all of this, the team can provide seamless in-game swap of our paired assets, while in the marketplace, to make purchases that may require Gold or Glory (further incentivizing our LP pairs).

Those three steps, across multiple chains, would provide FRAX even more utilization across the Ethereum eco-space while providing a strong coalescence with Eternity.

Hope that helps answer your question! We are happy to answer more!


I’d love to see #3 happen and then have #1 and #2 naturally follow suit. Overall, I think this would be a great collaboration and you guys 100% have my support.

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