[FIP - 221] Contributing to the 4626 Alliance

What is the 4626 Alliance?

The 4626 Alliance has been funded by Mstable, Aztec, Balancer, and Superform with participation from various other DeFi protocols to further adoption of the ERC-4626 standard. We believe this standard is important for DeFi vault composability and security. It substantially lowers the integration effort for other protocols and increases the ability to leverage a variety of community tools for safe development.

Our goal is to make the vast majority of DeFi in the next year compatible with ERC-4626 and become a first-line resource for developers to build vaults going forward.

For more details on the initiative, view our:

Why join?

Contributing capital would additionally allow Frax to influence the decision making around the development of other relevant 4626s and integrate across all current and future product lines. This includes development efforts to make Frax’s own contracts conform with the standard for plugging into other DeFi protocols.

With staked frxETH already being one of the first widely used ERC-4626 implementations, Frax would also be able to contribute to the 4626 Alliance as a Starring Partner for the sponsorship of the creation of the open source resource library, establishment of the common pipeline of β€œ4626 essentials,” and promotion of the 4626 standards through publication and events.

Estimated size & use of funds: The Alliance has raised ~$40k in commitments. We are asking for a contribution of $3-5k from Frax to join these efforts. Existing funds are being used to create 4626 resources and built adapters for agreed upon DeFi protocols via bounty programs.

Contact details: vikram@superform.xyz, @vikruna on telegram, or the 4626 telegram chat


For: Allocate $4,000 for contributing to 4626 Alliance efforts

Against: Do nothing

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This proposal is up for voting here: Snapshot