Stratum Exchange x FRAX Partnership proposal

Dear FRAX community,

This is Philipp, Co.-Founder of Stratum Exchange. As Stratum Exchange, we aim to become the deepest liquidity hub on Mantle Network (Layer 2 incubated by BitDAO). Since FRAX one of the most important hybrid stablecoins in the industry, we would love to have you onboard as a partner as well.

Some infos about us:

  • Twitter:
  • We maintain a close relationship with the Mantle Foundation Team. We also received a grant.
  • We are audited by BlockSec. The Audit can be found in our docs here: About - Stratum Exchange
  • Our team is doxxed
  • Confirmed partnerships are: Liquity, LogX, GMD, GND, Lendle, Reax, OATH Foundation, Qi DAO, YFX, Pinjam Labs, and Impermax
  • We will be part of the Mantle Journey after launch and also discuss incentives by Mantle Foundation which we could use to match bribes.

There are some feature upgrades compared to Velodrome which is our code base:

  • 3 type of pools: Variable, Stable, and 3-pools (forked from Saddle)
  • Selective rebases: Protocols that bribe receive a higher rebase
  • partially locked rewards (70/30)

Partnership outline:

At this stage, a partnership includes the allocation of a veNFT to FRAX Finance that can be used to vote for weekly emissions. We do not expect further commitment prior to our launch except the public announcement of our partnership and the introduction of FRAX on Mantle Network.

We will add another proposal after launch that discusses potential bribes on our protocol.

Proposal in detail

  • Agree to receive a veNFT (veSTRAT) from us in your multisig
  • CoMarketing: We announce our partnership on Twitter and discord. Frax Finance retweets the announcement to confirm.
  • Receive the veNFT at TGE.

Happy to answer all questions in the discussion and looking forward to your feedback!

regards, Philipp

Thanks for your proposal, but this request does not need a governance vote, so please get in touch with the Frax Finance team to proceed with that as a BD activity.

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