FIP - 23 Remove Timelock boost for Stable-Stable pairs and move FXS to gauges

Want to throw an idea in here to remove the timelock boosts on Stable-Stable pairs.

What if we removed these boosts and pushed the saved FXS rewards to the gauges?
This way it would further incentivize FXS buying + lockups for veFXS.

In the current situation I reckon we are paying out a lot of rewards to what is essentially “Mercenary capital” who are only interested in dumping their FXS farming rewards.

veFXS holders who are currently locked up wouldn’t lose out anything due to this either because the rewards are simply relocated to the gauges, thus APY will go up as well. Only this time it will be VeFXS holders benefiting the most from the increased APY as they are the only ones enjoying a multiplier.

if you remove the time lock boost then you will have to remove the time lock.

this would mean the main liquidity could be pulled at any time and would increase the risk to the protocol (see what happened to titan)

you are also implying that people locking up funds for years in the liquidity pool are mercenary, when i suspect most are locking up for longer then the average time lock in veFXS staking (only 1.2 years average)

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