[FIP - 255] Set Fees at 50% for All Sunset Pairs on Fraxlend


Frax Core Team


This proposal seeks to set a 50% fee for all sunset pairs on Fraxlend as a measure to optimize the platform’s performance and safeguard the interests of its users.

Background & Motivation:

Fraxlend, as a vital part of the Frax Finance ecosystem, is under continual evaluation and optimization to ensure the best performance and value for its users.

In Fraxlend, sunset pairs are defined as lending pairs that exhibit inefficient interest rate formulations, operate on older protocol versions, or have inefficient settings in their term sheet parameters. These factors contribute to suboptimal lending conditions, potentially exposing the protocol and/or its users to higher risk levels.

The present proposal suggests the introduction of a 50% fee on all sunset pairs. And the rationale behind this is to further reduce the economic appeal of these pairs and redirect users towards more active and efficient lending pairs.


  • For: Set fees at 50% for all sunset pairs on Fraxlend
  • Against: Do nothing
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This proposal is up for voting here: Snapshot