[FIP - 280] Implement Saddle L2D4 Gauge ragequit function with 20% fee


Frax Core Team


Implement Saddle L2D4 Gauge ragequit function with a 20% fee.

Background and Motivation

The Saddle L2D4 pool was a popular stable pool on Arbitrum, contributing to liquidity provision and stablecoin swaps. However, the recent approval of SIP-54 on August 14, 2023, which decided to responsibly wind down the Saddle protocol, leads to a reevaluation of the operational aspects of the Saddle L2D4 pool.

In light of these developments, this proposal seeks to introduce a “ragequit” mechanism to the Saddle L2D4 pool Gauge on Arbitrum, designed with a 20% fee structure. This feature will offer liquidity providers an organized route to withdraw their assets from the pool, considering the evolving context driven by sunset of Saddle protocol.

Pool Details

Pool : ARB: 0xF2839E0b30B5e96083085F498b14bbc12530b734
LP Token : ARB: 0x147D0Af556C6D89640BFa915D2b9619d7b55947a
Gauge : ARB: 0xd1dF24e8D225b20F9c8f4912BE88cCCec93f36E5


• For: Implement the ragequit function for the Saddle L2D4 [Arbitrum] gauge with a 20% fee.
• Against: Do Nothing

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This proposal is up for voting here: Snapshot