Implement VST/Frax ragequit function with fee

I propose we reintroduce the topic to rage quit from the Arbitrum VST/Frax LP given Vesta Finance is unwinding and their website will only be online to redeem VST for USDC until 10/17/2024 . Prior vote failed with a 0% fee. I am not sure what the best fee would be given this pool, although seems like 20% is what most other rage quits have proposed - and compared to losing funds - this seems reasonable. If anyone has any other sophisticated reasons why this fee should be otherwise I’d love to hear it, but would hate to have all the funds in this LP lost due to inaction. Thanks for any suggestions/discussion.

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I suppose if there is no recommendation either way from the community then I’d go ahead with the 20% fee

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You can use this proposal as a template :

Let me know if you have any questions about it.